Chamber Membership

Why join the Dewitt Chamber? Because we care about you!

The DeWitt Area Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization comprised of caring and dedicated businesses, civic groups, organizations and individuals in our community. The Chamber strives to support business growth and development, while enhancing the quality of life for all residents within the community.

The DeWitt Chamber is a valuable business resource, we work on the behalf of our members in several ways and partner with other organizations to provide the best array of products and services available.

Member Benefits include:

·  Increased visibility in the community via Chamber publications and community events hosted  throughout the year.

·  Networking has been proven to be one of the best ways to promote your  business. The Chamber provides numerous opportunities to meet business and community leaders. Getting to know people on a personal basis is an excellent way to promote yourself and your business. 

· Customer Referrals are important to all businesses. It is a lot easier to refer a person you know than a stranger. Receiving personal referrals is a great way to grow your business.

· Promotion & Publicity are critical components in growing and sustaining a business. Membership includes a direct link to Member’s website via the Chamber’s Website, email newsletters, and the Chamber’s Annual Magazine.

· Access to the Small Business Association of Michigan is a huge benefit for businesses of all sizes. When you become a member of the DeWitt Chamber, you automatically become a member of SBAM and their extensive resources and benefits.

· Being part of something larger than yourself in your community. There are short-term gains and then there are long-term gains. A short-term gain is just that, you may benefit today from a one-time sponsorship, promotion, or limited sale; however, being active in the community has the potential for a long-term gain. The DeWitt Chamber hosts a number of great events, provides scholarships, and supports local charities providing Chamber Members the opportunity to realize long-term gains while supporting the community.